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"Doug's Hairy Situation" is the 22nd episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on February 8, 1997, on ABC.


Doug finds hair in his comb and fears he's going bald, and figures Patti won't want to hang out with him anymore. The gang also is going to meet at the new water park when it opens and Doug doesn't want to go because of his hair. Meanwhile, Patti gets her first pimple. Beebe gets her first nose job and Roger may have gotten his first whisker. Doug lets all these things get in the way of his fun, and later realizes he shouldn't have. Also, Skeeter gets his first failing grade in shop class when his coat rack assignment isn't simple enough, so he is given a second chance to make another simple object. Doug gets over his fear of going bald and rejoins Beebe and Patti who love him.


Moral: you May look Different But Your Still The Same Person

This is the first time Skeeter gets an F