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Mr. Bone: (on TV) And that's it for the "Wide World of Permanent Records." Now back to the news desk. Lamar? (runs off screen as the scene switches to the main "news desk," where he sits) Thank you, Lamar. And that's it for the news. Until tomorrow, this is Assistant Principal Lamar Bone saying, "Don't mess up!"

Roger: Oh brother. What a loon.

Doug: (narrating) School hasn't been the same since Mr. Bone started his own one-man TV news show.

Skeeter: Man, I thought watching TV in school would be fun.

Doug: Yeah. This all makes math class seem like a good idea.

Mr Bone: (having entered the room in time to hear Doug's remark) I heard that, Funnie! So you don't think much of my news program, eh?

Doug: Well--

Mr. Bone: I suppose you think you could do better yourself!

Mrs. Wingo: Why, that's a wonderful idea, Mr. Bone. It would make a great challenge for our class to work together as a team.

Mr. Bone: Huh?

Mrs. Wingo: What do you think, class?

(The classroom cheers, loving the idea)

Mr. Bone: All right, go ahead and try.

(Mr. Bone storms out of the classroom as the class continues to cheer.)

(Title Sequence)

(The students of Mrs. Wingo's class are setting up lights and a camera. Doug and Patty are sitting at Mrs. Wingo's desk. On the Blackboard is a stylized clock and the show's title: "News At Noon.")

Doug: (narrating) It was a lot of work, but everybody pitched in to help get our newscast ready. But the best part was, Patty and I were chosen to be the anchor persons.

Mr. Bone: We take you behind the scenes in detention hall.

Roger: Hey! Get that camera out of here! Scram! You heard me! Beat it! What is this? The Prison Channel? Get out of here!

Mr. Lamar showing a pink underwear to Roger "Is this your underwear?!"
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