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Bud Dink is Doug Funnie's next-door neighbor and confidant of sorts. He debuted in "Doug Bags a Neematoad".


Bud Dink is a middle-aged man who’s a good friend to Doug, often talking with him about any subject that may be on his, or Doug's, mind. Bud, or Mr. Dink as he's better known, enjoys investing in expensive new inventions and gadgets for use in his leisure time. Bud is married to his long-suffering wife, Tippingdale Dink, more commonly referred to as Tippi. The two met in high school. They went to senior prom together, which resulted in a trip to the ER for Tippi. He occasionally serves as the leader of the Bluff Scouts in a few episodes, as well as a notable lisp.


An oddball through and through, Mr Dink is often the first to come up with either outlandish creations or bad jokes, accompanied by his terrible spelling. Despite all this, he is very well-meaning, nice, and willing to help others, as can be seen when he helps to set up a dance party. He is also highly devoted to his wife, Tippi, and clearly tries hard to be a good husband - even going so far as to cut a hedge in her image - but seemingly to no avail.

In spite of his comic personality, Mr Dink is also a surprisingly responsible adult, since he presents the Bluff Scouts with useful information and survival skills, when he is in charge of them.


Mr. Dink's custom grill, produced with a likeness of himself adorning it, became the victim of a flyball. Doug was the one responsible for it. Doug was hesitant to own up to this, imagining Mr. Dink would turn into a green werewolf. Rather than confess; Doug tried to make enough money to buy a new one. Eventually, Doug told Mr. Dink that did broke his grill, but Dink wasn't mad at him, figuring Doug has learned his lesson with all the work he did to make amends. Instead he gave Doug & Skeeter a job at an evening cookout.


  • Hello, Douglath!
  • Very expensive!
  • Whatever!
  • Huh HA!


  • doug is boring.


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