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Boomer Bledsoe is a loyal friend of Roger Klotz. He is approximately 11 1/2 years old. Although Doug describes him as "long on talk, short on brains," he isn't quite as dumb as Willie White and is the nicest to Doug out of all of Roger's friends.


Doug Takes the Case[]

Doug: (behind a coat rack to himself) This was it. I was certain--

Boomer: (struggling with books) Doug?

Doug: Uh, hey Boomer.

Boomer: Look if you're gonna follow me around could you at least carry some of my books?

Doug: (thinking) Either he was very crafty or very stupid.

Doug Saves Roger[]


Boomer: Uh, Check!


  • In the episode, Doug Rocks the House, Boomer yells "The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!" which is a famous anti-violent speech.
  • In the episode, Doug's Big Catch, for one line, Boomer lip syncs Ned.
  • In the episode, Doug En Vogue, Boomer is a fan of Teen Heart Street.
  • In the episode, Doug's Worst Nightmare, Boomer said he had an identity crisis, showing that he only knows what to do if Roger commands him.
  • In the episode, Doug Takes the Case, Doug describes him as "Long on talk, short on brains." His last name is also revealed, for the first time, in said episode.
  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • The symbol on his shirt resembles the Star Trek symbol.


  • Boomer has green spikey hair and orange skin. He is based on the famous NFL quarterbacks Boomer Esaison and Drew Bledsoe.