• Zmario

    Hey everyone, I am Zmario. Several years ago I founded the Doug Wiki in hopes that it would become a database for all things Doug-related. Over the years, this wiki has grown and become a great resource for information about the series. Although I haven't participated much other than it's creation, I am willing to start working on it to become much better! There are several things I would like to get started on, and hopefully you, the editors, will be willing to help me achieve some of these.

    •Convert all pages to start using a tabber (already in progress: see Doug Bags a Neematoad for an example). The tabber should be customized depending on what type of article it is: character, episode, and miscellaneous. Galleries and transcripts should…
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  • LexiLexi

    Satirical Doug Blog

    October 7, 2011 by LexiLexi

    Hey twenty-somethings! Did you enjoy Doug as a child? One former watcher in particular seemed to enjoy it, and not only enjoy it, but see it from a psychological point of view.

    An anonymous and clever writer created the blog Doug Funnie Is Crazy, which gives the summary of Doug episodes with an adult twist, and detailed commentaries of funny moments we probably didn't notice as kids. The main theme of the blog is that Doug is more than just an eleven-year-old daydreamer--he's entirely psychotic! While this blog is a little hard on Doug Funnie himself, it's a pretty entertaining read.

    Source: Doug Funnie's Journal

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