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Betty Bluff is the mother of Beebe Bluff and a minor character in Doug. She was first seen in Doug Wears Tights.


Betty Bluff's first introduction was in Doug Wears Tights, where she runs the Bluffington Ballet and uses this to Beebe's advantage to get her the lead role in The Beetcracker. After Beebe rushes her audition, she blames Doug for ruining her daughter's audition, but Beebe dismisses that accusation when she admits to doing it herself. She wanted to be costume designer, instead being involved with performance and explained that Betty "wanted it for her". After realizing her mistake, Betty apologizes to both Beebe and Doug.


Like the rest of the Bluff family, Betty is not above using her status and influence to get her way, specially when it involves her daughter. She's very snobby, condescending, and rude to almost everyone.


Like Beebe and his husband, Betty has purple-colored skin. She wears amethyst earrings (with matching bracelets), a pearl necklace, a pink blazer with a purple badge, a yellow camisole and a pink skirt.