Beebe Bluff is a character in Doug. She’s the richest kid in Bluffington, given that the town is named after her family. Her father is Bill Bluff. She was voiced by the late Alice Playten in the entire series.


Although Beebe is very snobby, she‘s popular with the girls in school, like Patti Mayonnaise and Connie Benge, her two best friends. She‘s very close to her father, although she admits he does embarrass her.

Despite her snobbish personae, Beebe has also shown humility towards others when she has wronged them. For example, she apologized to Doug for sabotaging the audition for the town's ballet production of The Beatcracker. Her relationship with her mother, Betty Bluff, is also somewhat strained - Betty constantly pushes Beebe to be the best in her endeavors, causing the latter to feel under a substantial amount of pressure.


Doug Funnie

Beebe Bluff was once thought of having a crush on Doug Funnie in the episode Doug's Secret Admirer. She calls him "plebeian" and says they're "so wrong for each other", though after saying that to him, Beebe kisses Doug. To this day they are good friends and Beebe tries to include Doug in her social gatherings.

Skeeter Valentine

It‘s revealed in "Doug's Secret Admirer" that Beebe has a crush on Skeeter Valentine. By the end of the movie, they dance.

Patti Mayonnaise

Beebe and Patti Mayonnaise are close friends. Beebe usually invites her over for parties. Even though the two are polar opposites, Beebe is more girly and and Patti is more tomboyish: they get along well.

Chalky Studebaker

They are usually seen together in some cases, in Doug Vs. The Klotzoid Zombies she covers his mouth when he wants to join Doug in listening to his new Beets tape, knowing they're with Roger in the party for him. In Doug's a Big Fat Liar, she went out with him on the Bumpkin Day Hoedown.

Roger Klotz

She despises Roger Klotz because of his annoying personality. When he becomes rich in the Disney version, she becomes terrified of him.

Other characters

Although some people avoid her due to her snobby personality, she still has a huge influence over their class and is nice enough to invite them over to social gatherings and parties.

In Doug's Cool Shoes, Doug overhears Beebe Bluff saying she thinks Skunky Beaumont is the "absolute cutest".

In Doug Throws a Party, Larry admits that he has a crush on Beebe, but she doesn't return the feelings.

In Doug Meets Fentruck, Beebe says Fentruck Stimmel is cute.


  • Even thought she dislikes Roger, she always invites him and his gang to their parties.
    • It's possible he's not invited and ends up crashing the party anyway.
  • She was the one who gave Doug his first kiss.
  • In Doug's 1st Movie Skeeter gave her a Valentine’s Day card and even slow danced with her at the Valentine’s Day School Dance.


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