Albert "Al" and Moose "Moo" Sleech are two nerdy twin brothers, who are both 10 year old geniuses. They made their first appearance in the episode Doug and the Weird Kids, in which Doug was paired with the two to get to know them for a school report. Their father is a baker and they have tried to keep Doug from seeing him due to their embarrassment of this. Since then, Doug has gone to them for technical help when needed, and they have made many appearances.


Al and Moo Sleech Twin Brothers from Disney Doug
Not much is known about the twins' background, although it is confirmed that the two moved to Bluffington later than Doug.


Al and Moo seem rather closed-off to social interaction, especially when it is with someone they do not know. The two are good friends with Doug and Skeeter. Al and Moo can argue over things, but normally act as a team.


  • The two enjoy playing strategy games and using computers.
  • Although Al and Moo are seen as some of Doug's closest friends, they have been seen laughing among the crowd watching Doug mess up on several occasions.
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