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Albert "Al" (who wears a flower-patterned shirt) and Mustafa "Moo" Sleech are two nerdy twin brothers, who are both 10-year-old geniuses. They made their first appearance in the episode Doug and the Weird Kids, in which Doug was paired with them to learn about their home life for a school report. They are both brainiacs, even going so far as making their own computer, called B.R.I.A.N., which they use to play games (such as Glorak!). Their father is a baker, a source of embarrassment for them, leading them to attempt to hide this from Doug. Since then, Doug has gone to them for technical help when needed and they have made various appearances.

Doug once accused Al and Moo of stealing his prized bike.


Al and Moo Sleech Twin Brothers from Disney Doug

Not much is known about the twins' background, although it is confirmed that the two moved to Bluffington after Doug.


Al and Moo seem rather closed-off to social interaction.


  • They are one of many Doug characters who don’t go by their full name, their full names being Albert and Mustafa.